About Us


About us

Smart Scape Company for Integrated Contracting and Landscaping Works was established in 2010 as a solidarity company working in the implementation of distinguished construction and architectural works.

We also have a special department specialized in implementing electromechanical network works in all its specialties from electrical works (medium and low voltage), light current works, as well as air conditioning works and control systems Integrated fire and drainage, design, and implementation of landscape works, preparation of technical specifications for them, and finding innovative solutions to effectively meet the customer’s need.

We transform our customers' ideas into a tangible and high-quality reality.

We seek to make long-term relationships with them and watch their projects grow according to their objectives and their goals.

The company is distinguished by its luxurious finishes by a group of skilled engineers who are scientifically and practically qualified with the expertise and skills that qualify them to excel in providing all our engineering and administrative services.

During the past twelve years, Smart Scape Company has designed, implemented, and managed a distinguished group of projects inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt in a distinguished manner, and they were delivered on time according to the agreed specifications.

Our Vision.

Smart Scape aims to reach the forefront at the local and regional level by providing high-quality services and products, on time and within budget, and because of this, our client base continues to grow.

We are proud to have the skills, resources, and expertise, and most importantly, the ability and the will to deliver with the highest standards, and on time.

Our Mission.

Smart Scape seeks to provide the best services for contracting, building engineering, and integrated finishes.

Smart Scape is also keen to raise the level of work and place it within local and international standards.

Smart Scape works to exert all the technical, and administrative energies of the company for the distinguished work for the success of our projects.

Our Goals.

To be a reference model distinguished in the quality and diversity of its products, locally and regionally, and to maintain leadership and originality and precede the aspirations of its customers in the level of its services, the advancement and development of its society and have a positive impact on the business community to which it belongs.

Creating a strong relationship based on mutual trust, integrity, and credibility between it and its customers, through the management of executive operations during work to reach the final planned results.



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